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The History of Virginia Crusaders


                  The life of the Hampton Roads football team, The Virginia Crusaders Semi-Pro Football Team began in October 2005.    In January 2006, the Virginia Crusaders joined the Mason Dixon Football League and began the mission to inspire young athletes to move forward onto the next level.  Focusing on personal development for youth and adults through athletics, the Virginia Crusaders continue to lead talented ball players to collegiate levels, professional arena and division I levels of football.  In October 2006, the Crusaders advanced onto the first round MDFL North playoffs in the first season with the league.  In October 2007 in the second season, the Crusaders completed a season of 12-4 and its season ended at the Conference Championship.  In addition to post season games, the Crusaders played in the USA Bowl in Miami, Florida in January 2008 and received runner up and received national recognition ranked 20th in the nation.  Since that time, the Virginia Crusaders were ranked 5th in the nation, completed an “UNDEFEATED” season with the MDFL, a record of 14 wins and 0 losses and was named the North Conference Champions of 2008. The Crusaders defeated the Gretna Storm for the Mason Dixon Football League Title on November 1, 2008 a score of 38 – 6.  The Crusaders won and deserved the MDFL Super Bowl Title of the 2008 MDFL Champs!

In 2009, the Virginia Crusaders season ended at the North Conference Championship Game in Fredericksburg, VA with a season record of 8 wins with 4 losses.  Currently, the Virginia Crusaders are holding a record of 11 straight wins with an overall record of 12-1.  On October 16, 2010 the Virginia Crusaders earned the MDFL South Division Conference Tile in Williamsburg, VA that advanced onto the Championship Title once again.  In January, the VA Crusaders won the 2011 di national usa bowl championship title in daytona beach, florida.   

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www.VACrusaders.com. For current game stats, photos, and rankings visit www.masondixonfootballleague.com .


                                        VA Crusaders vs Jacksonville Spartans

   VA Crusaders vs Wilmington Tigers

Owner/Head Coach:  Coach Larry Stith 757 713-7407 or lstith@aol.com
GM/Director of Operations:  Mrs. Laticia Stith 757 713-7406 or
OL Coach:  Coach Lewis Williams
WR Coach:  Coach Mark Bowser
RB Coach:  Coach Steven Dennis

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